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Innovative Education Model

The conventional school model was designed in the industrial era:

Ignite your child’s spark! MSGA kids develop self-confidence critical thinking passions & interests loyal friendships personal values entrepreneurial skills


The MSGA Difference


Students graduate with invaluable connections to community leaders and business owners, a proven track record of success in local and national competitions, and a portfolio of innovative projects and entrepreneurial ventures. Known for challenging the status quo and forging new paths, MSGA students develop the skills to lead and innovate in any field.


Expert educators guide students through challenging cross-curricular projects and accelerated learning paths in areas of strength, leading to significant academic achievements. Students develop self-confidence, passion, and critical thinking as they learn to set and achieve personal and academic goals. Annual Iowa Assessment data consistently shows students scoring 3 or more levels above their grade, and our average ACT score is 30.


Our dedicated guides work closely with families to deeply understand each student, fostering a community that encourages character development and lifelong friendships.

Ready for Life

MSGA students take academic risks, learn from mistakes, and persevere. Students practice critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving while engaging with compelling current events and case studies. 

Not Your Typical School

Our commitment to you is to provide an educational model that breaks free from the conventional paradigm, empowering gifted children to reach unprecedented levels of learning by shattering artificial ceilings.

Jessica White and Jenn Morris founded MSGA to provide a specialized school for gifted learners in the Memphis area, addressing a critical educational need. Drawing from their expertise in gifted education, school leadership, and entrepreneurship, they created a learning environment that fosters the academic and creative potential of these exceptional children.

The opening of our upper school building, School of Innovation and Design, in October of 2023 is a testament to our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our students.

If you hope to find a place where your child and family will thrive, and your mind is open to asking, “What’s possible?” we’d love to meet you!

Not Your Typical School


Parents & Students Love MSGA!

Designed to create a better educational experience for the entire family:


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