A Dynamic School Experience Designed For Gifted Children


Where Discovery and Happiness Abound

We are:

  • A full-time private school 
  • A micro-school: an intentionally small school
  • Designed to meet the academic, social, emotional, and creative needs of gifted learners
  • Led by trained professionals with over 30 years of combined teaching experience 
  • Multi-age
  • Committed to each child having a personalized learning path
  • Focused on meaningful, integrated, project-based learning

We serve:

  • Intellectually gifted children, ages 5-13 (K-8th grade), adding a grade level each year to grow with our oldest students through high school
  • Gifted children with advanced cognitive abilities who need a more personalized educational approach than is provided within a traditional school environment

Education Reimagined

Mid-South Gifted Academy is a full-time private school that offers a personalized, multi-age, project-based learning environment to challenge and inspire gifted learners.

At MSGA, there are no arbitrary limits to what students can learn. All of our students have personalized learning plans and are provided the opportunity to work and advance at their own pace. In addition, we are a project-based learning environment that focuses on creating and innovating, working on collaborative and individual projects that are highly engaging for gifted learners. We have six core beliefs about children and school, but the first and most important is that every child deserves a joyful learning environment that fosters a sense of belonging, significance, and fun. At Mid-South Gifted Academy, students are happy, challenged, and engaged!

To learn more about our program, schedule a tour today.

What parents are saying about MSGA:

“Joining the ‘disruptive and reimagined education’ at MSGA has been life changing for our son. We have seen his joy in learning return and he is benefiting daily from the personalized approach that meets him where he is and stretches him to achieve mastery. He loves school now. He loves being responsible for his own education and having hands-on opportunities as well as having guides who listen and support his goal-setting and problem-solving.

Mid-South Gifted Academy is an answer to years of prayer and we are infinitely grateful for this life-changing, soul enriching experience. Every afternoon is now full of childhood and a review of the amazing day’s activities instead of homework and detoxing from the day. Every morning is now full of excitement for the day ahead.

MSGA’s focus on mindful, purposeful learning has created an environment where freedom of expression, curiosity and even failure are all valuable ingredients for success. I can’t wait to see where this road leads for our son, but in the meantime we’re going to enjoy this journey step by step, turn by turn, and moment by moment.”

-Lauren U.

The Admission Process and Important Dates

We are excited to launch our early elementary program (K/1 studio) for the 2019-2020 school year! Contact us to learn more. info@midsouthgiftedacademy.com

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