A Dynamic School Experience Designed for Gifted Children

    We understand the challenge that parents of gifted children face in a traditional public or private school, knowing their child’s potential, yet recognizing the limits in place. Gifted learners typically know 50-90% of grade level material on the first day of school, and they spend much of their school day waiting to learn.

School should be a place where ALL children experience joy, purpose, and the opportunity to learn.

   Mid-South Gifted Academy’s team of experienced educators understand the educational needs of gifted learners, and our school is designed to meet them. 

We are:

  • A mastery-based school 
  • Committed to partnering with families to develop personalized learning goals that link to student interests and allow for challenge, acceleration, and enrichment
  • Focused on engaging, integrated, project-based learning that develops creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and innovation

We serve:

  • Intellectually gifted children in grades K-8, and our personalized high school program will launch in August of 2020

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Our Studios

Our students work in multi-age studios (classrooms). While there is flexibility in placement, we use the following general guidelines.

Wonder Studio – (K and 1)

Discovery Studio – (Grades 2-4) 

Innovation Studio – (Grades 5-8) 


Education Reimagined

We believe that children are incredible and are capable of changing the world with their unique gifts, talents, and passions. They need time to explore their interests, adults who believe in them, and the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace in an environment that celebrates curiosity, creativity, and risk-taking.  

MSGA students are eager to learn, and they thrive in a personalized and project-based school. Our highly trained guides help students learn to take ownership of their learning by setting goals and working at their own pace to achieve them. As self-efficacy and perseverance are developed, students realize there are no limits to what they can achieve.

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Since being a part of the community of learners at Mid-South Gifted Academy, our 7-year-old son has experienced tremendous personal and academic growth. MSGA allows and encourages development and exploration of his own interests, as well as collaboration with students across a broad age range. Diving into school projects/journeys with classmates teaches him how he is an integral part of a community. This school allows students the freedom to learn and explore without artificial limits due to grade level standards or teaching to satisfy a test requirement, which is something we were unable to find within the traditional school model. Our son loves school, is excited for each day, and enjoys being a part of something that is truly special at MSGA. With caring, compassionate, and committed adults guiding the way, MSGA students are headed toward a bright, well-rounded, beautiful future that our family is excited and honored to be a part of!”

-Beth and Rich S.

“I cannot say enough great things about Mid-South Gifted Academy and the positive effect it has had on my daughter. At last there is an alternative to the “one size fits all” education offered in traditional schools. Daily interaction with students of all ages, Socratic discussions, personalized curriculum, low student/teacher ratios, and a nurturing environment exist at Mid-South Gifted Academy. It is apparent that the dedication and commitment shown by all in this exceptional and unique environment is destined to ensure both academic success and the emotional and social growth of each student”

-Debbie E.   

Read more parent testimonials here.

We are excited to launch our Wonder Studio (K/1) for the 2019-2020 school year! To inquire about this unique opportunity for your child, email info@midsouthgiftedacademy.com

Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What are characteristics of gifted children?

Because gifted children are so diverse, not all exhibit every characteristic. However, there are common characteristics that many gifted individuals share.


  • Ability to process and learn information quickly
  • Interest in experimenting and doing things differently
  • Thinking is abstract, complex, logical, and insightful
  • Put ideas or things together that are not typical
  • Keen or unusual sense of humor
  • Excellent memory
  • Vivid imaginations
  • Deep, intense feelings and reactions
  • Idealism and sense of justice at an early age
  • Advanced vocabulary and communication skills
  • Insatiable curiosity
  • Can sometimes struggle with perfectionism or anxiety

For more information on gifted characteristics and what gifted learners need, visit the websites for Tennessee Department of Education and National Association for Gifted Children.

Why do gifted learners need a specialized learning environment?

Gifted students require differentiated educational services beyond those typically provided by the regular education program. In a traditional setting, the pace and challenge level of the content are predetermined by grade level standards to be covered, rather than matched to the ability level of the learners. For gifted learners, this often equates to busy work and boredom and does not allow them the opportunity to work hard and to reach their full potential. In a personalized and mastery-based learning environment, gifted learners spend their entire school day on work that is appropriately challenging. This gives them a sense of joy and purpose in their learning. When gifted learners are challenged daily, they learn how to learn and develop grit.

What is Mastery-Based Learning?

Mastery learning focuses on mastering a topic before moving on to a more advanced one. Whenever possible, students demonstrate mastery by applying new learning through performance tasks and presentations. In the traditional system, the time allotted to learn something is fixed and comprehension of the material is the variable. In a mastery-based system, all students achieve a high level comprehension of a skill or concept, and the variable is the time it takes students to get to mastery. This allows all students to work at their own pace and have a true understanding of a topic or skill before moving forward. While this shift in education would help all children, it is essential for gifted learners because they can often achieve mastery at a quicker pace and are therefore limited in a traditional academic setting. Follow this link to view Sal Khan’s Ted Talk on the importance of teaching for mastery.

How do you know this works?

We have multiple systems in place to monitor student achievement and growth. MSGA students are excelling in all academic areas and progressing rapidly through grade levels. On our most recent nationally norm-referenced assessment, our students scored an average of 2.5 grade levels above their current level, and several earned grade equivalency scores of 13+ (end of high school).

Do you offer special services or behavioral support for students with special needs?

We do not offer special services for students with learning disabilities or behavioral challenges. The type of learner who excels at MSGA has great behavior and is highly motivated to learn in a student-driven, mastery-based learning environment. We will determine our ability to serve students on an individual basis.

What are tuition costs for the 2020-2021 school year?

Our tuition is $12,800. All fees are built into the tuition and cover enrollment, materials, technology, and local field trips.

What is the admission process?

Step 1: Schedule a tour by e-mailing  info@midsouthgiftedacademy.com or calling (901) 850-6695.

Step 2: Submit an application and IQ test results here. If needed, we offer IQ testing for a fee of $220, or you can seek private testing.

Step 3: Schedule a time for your child to visit MSGA.

If you are interested in participating in our Extended Open House option, please be sure to select that option on the application. Extended Open House is an opportunity for your child to attend MSGA for one month for a fee of $1500 with no obligation to continue attendance past that month. If you decide to continue your child’s attendance at MSGA, the $1500 fee will be credited toward your annual tuition cost. The Extended Open House option allows you and your child to decide if MSGA is a good fit.

Please visit our Admission page for more information.

More FAQs

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