A Dynamic School Experience Designed for Gifted Children

A Dynamic School Experience Designed for Gifted Children

School should be a place where ALL children experience joy, purpose, and the opportunity to learn.

We understand the challenge that parents of gifted children face in a traditional public or private school, knowing their child’s potential, yet recognizing the limits in place. 

Gifted learners typically know 50–90% of grade level material on the first day of school, and they spend much of their school day waiting to learn.

Mid‑South Gifted Academy’s team of experienced educators understand the educational needs of gifted learners, and our school is designed to meet them.

We Are

  • A mastery-based school
  • Committed to partnering with families to develop personalized learning goals that link to student interests and allow for challenge, acceleration, and enrichment
  • Focused on engaging, integrated, project-based learning that develops creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and innovation

We Serve

Intellectually gifted children in grades K-8, and our personalized high school program will launch in August of 2020

A Micro-School for Innovators & World Changers

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