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   We understand the frustration that parents of gifted learners face when seeking educational opportunities for their child. They question if their child is adequately challenged in a traditional system, knowing his or her potential and comparing it to where the bar is set. This lack of educational fit can cause a child to develop a negative attitude toward school which often leads to stress and anxiety for the entire family.

   Over time, they see their child’s love of learning fade as standardized and scripted curriculum take center stage. The reality is that gifted learners typically know 50-90% of grade level material on the first day of school, and they spend much of their school day waiting to learn.

School should be a place where ALL children experience joy, purpose, and the opportunity to learn.

   Mid-South Gifted Academy has a team of experienced educators who understand your child’s academic, social, emotional, and creative needs, and we’ve created a school around them.

We are:

  • A private school 
  • Multi-age 
  • Focused on meaningful, integrated, project-based learning that develops the 21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and innovation
  • Committed to partnering with families to ensure that each child has a personalized learning plan for core skills like reading, writing, and math

We serve:

  • Families desiring a challenging and engaging educational approach for their intellectually gifted children
  • Gifted learners, ages 5-13 (K-8th grade), adding a grade level each year to grow with our oldest students through high school 

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“When you look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren, when you picture their greatness and potential, do you feel that they are getting the education that is up to par with who they were born to become?”

-Oliver DeMille, A Thomas Jefferson Education

2019-2020 Studios

Our students work at their own pace in multi-age studios (classrooms). While there is flexibility in placement based on academic and social/ emotional needs, we use the following general guidelines.

Wonder Studio – (K and 1)

Discovery Studio – (Grades 2-4) 

Innovation Studio – (Grades 5-8) 

Adventure Studio – (Grades 9-12) Opening August 2020 

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” – Joseph Campbell

Education Reimagined

We believe that children are incredible and are capable of changing the world with their unique gifts, talents, and passions. They need time to explore their interests, adults who believe in them, and the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace in an environment that celebrates curiosity, creativity, and even failure. 

When there are no arbitrary limits to what children can learn, they are empowered to set and achieve ambitious goals. Confidence and self-efficacy soar as kids take ownership of their learning. Seeing what is possible in this type of learning environment will leave you feeling hopeful and inspired!

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The Admission Process and Important Dates

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What parents are saying about MSGA:

       “Joining the ‘disruptive and reimagined education’ at MSGA has been life changing for our son. We have seen his joy in learning return and he is benefiting daily from the personalized approach that meets him where he is and stretches him to achieve mastery. He loves school now. He loves being responsible for his own education and having hands-on opportunities as well as having guides who listen and support his goal-setting and problem-solving. 

       Mid-South Gifted Academy is an answer to years of prayer and we are infinitely grateful for this life-changing, soul enriching experience. Every afternoon is now full of childhood and a review of the amazing day’s activities instead of homework and detoxing from the day. MSGA’s focus on mindful, purposeful learning has created an environment where freedom of expression, curiosity, and even failure are all valuable ingredients for success.” 

-Lauren U.


      “I cannot say enough great things about Mid-South Gifted Academy and the positive effect it has had on my daughter. At last there is an alternative to the “one size fits all” education offered in traditional schools that simply does not work for many.

      Daily interaction with students of all ages, Socratic discussions, personalized curriculum, low student/teacher ratios, and a nurturing, accepting environment free of bullying and exclusion truly exist at Mid-South Gifted Academy. It is apparent that the dedication and commitment shown by all in this exceptional and unique environment is destined to ensure both academic success and the emotional and social growth of each student”

-Debbie E.


       “The opening of MSGA could not have been more timely for our son who had been identified in his public elementary school as gifted but was still experiencing frustration arising from the limitations of the typical classroom setting. The passion that the school’s founders and staff have for this concept is evident and this helps to foster the love of learning that our son had started to lose. They are addressing his academic as well as his social/emotional needs by allowing him to progress at his pace while fostering his willingness to try new things.

      MSGA also provides resources and support to parents who are learning what it means to be the parents of a gifted learner and all that encompasses. We are very grateful to have this option for our son and have enjoyed getting to know the other families in this new venture.”

-Shannon H.

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      Enrolling my son, Andrew, in Mid-South Gifted Academy has been the best decision we have made as parents. MSGA has given him the opportunity to explore his creativity and tap into potential in a way that he was unable to do in the typical classroom. Andrew has re-gained his self-confidence and eagerness to learn.

    MSGA teaches independent learning with the student directing his own path all the while incorporating the fundamentals. My son thrives in this environment where he holds the reins to his own success. MSGA provides an environment that truly nurtures, encourages, and celebrates each student, and this is why I can drop Andrew off at school knowing with certainty that he couldn’t be in a better place both academically and socially.”

-Ana F.

We are excited to launch our Wonder Studio (K/1) for the 2019-2020 school year! There are very few spaces remaining. To inquire about this unique opportunity for your child, email us at  info@midsouthgiftedacademy.com.

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