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Education Reimagined

Mid-South Gifted Academy is an independent school for gifted learners in grades PreK-12 with a focus on advanced academics and an accelerated curriculum.

Who we are

Mid-South Gifted Academy is an independent school for gifted learners in grades PreK-12 offering advanced academics and an accelerated curriculum. We partner with families to develop personalized learning goals that link to students' abilities, strengths, and interests.

what is giftedness?

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the msga difference

MSGA is not your traditional school. Our curriculum, instruction, and classrooms reflect our desire to create a joyful, purposeful, and challenging learning environment for gifted learners.

Our Story

As educators and parents of gifted learners, we saw a need in the community to create a school specifically designed to address their academic, social/emotional, and creative needs. With the mission of educating and developing future innovators and world changers, MSGA provides students in PreK- Grade 12 with challenging, engaging curriculum and opportunites for acceleration in areas of strength. We welcomed our founding families in August of 2018 and have had steady growth over the last four years, adding a grade level each year to grow with our oldest students. We are expanding, and our Upper School building is scheduled to open in August of 2023. 

Developing Innovators & World Changers

Our Mission

The mission of Mid-South Gifted Academy is to develop innovators and world changers by creating opportunities for children to discover and use their gifts, talents, and passions.

Dynamic, Joyful, & Challenging

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a dynamic, joyful, and challenging school experience for gifted learners that honors individual strengths and abilities, prioritizes strong relationships, and grants children the freedom to learn in order to fully develop their potential.

Our Promise

At Mid-South Gifted Academy, your child will:

Who We Are

Our Beliefs

Our students’ academic, social, and emotional growth are of equal importance.

Our students flourish in a joyful learning environment that fosters a sense of belonging, significance and  fun.

Our students thrive when given opportunities to learn at a personalized pace.

Our students’ abilities to create and innovate will positively impact their future
and the world.

Our Academic Focus

The academic focus of Mid-South Gifted Academy is the incorporation of standard school subjects (language arts, reading, mathematics, science and social studies) into personalized and project-based learning opportunities. Methods such as Reading, Writing, and Math Workshops, student blogging, personal goal-setting, Academic Choice, and Socratic discussions reinforce key concepts and allow for demonstration of mastery. With support from guides (teachers), our students also use the latest adaptive technologies for personalized learning at their own pace.

At MSGA, we believe learning should be active, relevant, and transferable. We strive to create a learning environment where kids have an abundance of time for reading, writing, researching, thinking, questioning, exploring, goal-setting, reflecting, designing, creating, drawing, painting, building, experimenting, wondering, collaborating, discussing, presenting, playing, coding, problem-solving, and persevering.

Utilizing the concept of Journeys and Explorations, students work on specific projects in 3 to 6 week blocks. Projects ask students to solve real-world problems incorporating aspects of past and future innovations and discoveries to help students understand that solutions happen within a social framework based on society’s needs. Each academic quarter, students complete a project presentation in front of parents and community members to demonstrate their learning. The project-based curriculum follows a historical progression of innovation and discovery beginning in the ancient world all the way to the modern world.

Students choose from a variety of methods during each project to fit their academic needs. Projects also involve community leaders, innovators, scientists, and real-world practitioners where appropriate. This reinforces the need for discovery and how it applies in solving problems in people’s daily lives.

Mid-South Gifted Academy uses an evidence-based approach to education called Responsive Classroom that focuses on the strong relationship between academic success and social-emotional learning.