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two students learning outside at Mid-South Gifted Academy

Learning Without Limits

“What could your child learn if there were no limits?” This was the question posed to families of gifted children when we announced the opening

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Brainy Kid

Looking for gifts that won’t have your child staring into a screen for hours? We are too.

At MSGA, we believe that learning should be FUN! With these toys, games, and gadgets, your child will improve their problem-solving skills, learn how to code, and be blown away by how cool science really is!

Story of our school 1 Mid-South Gifted

The Prequel to MSGA

Soon after I was hired to work as a teacher of gifted children at a local elementary school, an administrator pulled me aside and explained the school’s wonderful history of high achievement and yet the constant challenge of growing the highest ability learners. Her question to me was, “What are you going to do about it?”