Co-Curricular Highlight: Suzuki in the Schools

At MSGA, our co-curricular activities are meticulously designed to resonate with our mission of cultivating innovators and world-changers. We empower learners to uncover and harness their unique gifts, talents, and passions. 


Our commitment extends to providing various opportunities that cater to our students’ diverse interests and encourage them to delve into new endeavors. A recent enhancement to our co-curricular repertoire is the introduction of the “Suzuki in the Schools” program.


As a seasoned Suzuki violin teacher, I’ve long been captivated by Dr. Suzuki’s educational philosophy. My journey led me to explore teacher training courses to integrate Suzuki principles into school settings, ultimately inspiring the launch of this innovative initiative at MSGA.

During regular school hours, the Suzuki in the Schools program extends unparalleled Suzuki string education to all MSGA students from 1st to 6th grade. This integration epitomizes MSGA’s dedication to providing an exceptional educational experience that sets us apart. By weaving Suzuki’s methodology into our music curriculum, we offer students a distinctive and enriching educational approach that reflects our commitment to excellence.

Aligned with our ethos of personalized learning, the Suzuki Method resonates deeply with our values at MSGA: love, empathy, integrity, teamwork, leadership, and innovation. Like our institution, Suzuki education emphasizes mastery-based, student-centered learning, fostering holistic growth and individualized pathways to excellence.

Integrating Suzuki in the Schools into our curriculum presents a unique opportunity for students in our community. It transcends mere musical proficiency, instilling values that align seamlessly with our mission—a transformative journey marked by empathy, comprehensive growth, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

For more information about MSGA’s music program, including Suzuki in the Schools, contact me, Erin Webb, at

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