2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Brainy Kid

Looking for gifts that won’t have your child staring into a screen for hours? We are too. 


At MSGA, we believe that learning should be FUN! With these toys, games, and gadgets, your child will improve their problem-solving skills, learn how to code, and  be blown away by how cool science really is! As we gear up for the holiday season, maybe we can help knock your present buying out sooner rather than later. 

These 10 gifts are for the techy kids, the artsy kids, the athletic kids, and every kid in between! While you’re here, schedule a tour to see how we bring the fun into the classroom every day!


Sphero Specdrums

The brand Sphero has an all-around fantastic selection of gadgets for your child. These specdrums are app-connected rings that play a sound when you tap a color! These would be a great gift for any child!

Find them on Amazon here

Sphero Mini


One of the coolest gadgets around, the Sphero Mini makes this app-controlled robot a little more affordable than the original Sphero. Equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and LED lights, this would be the perfect introduction to STEM robobotics!

Find it on Amazon here

Mini robot
Fidget Toys

Fidget Toy Set


This fidget toy set comes with a variety of sensory items that can help to refocus your child when they are frustrated or flustered. The perfect set to soothe and calm, or just to play with!

Find it on Amazon here

Magnetic Putty


The reviews for this putty are amazing – and the only complaint is that they want more!! This magnetized putty can be played with, experimented with, and won’t leave a slimy mess!! For just over $10 this one is going at the top of our list!!

Find it on Amazon here

boxing reflex ball

Boxing Reflex Ball


You may want to get out your video camera for this one. Yes, it looks a little goofy, but this little ball on a string that you strap to your forehead is actually getting rave reviews! This gift is sure to not only entertain, but to get your kids up and moving!

Find it on Amazon here

Invisible Ink Pens


Do you have a gadget-loving kid? Me too! These “Secret Agent” Pens are under $10 and come equipped with a black light that reveals the invisible ink!

Find them on Amazon here

Leaps and ledges game

Leaps and Ledges Game


This game from MindWare is a fun way to strengthen math, strategy, and problem-solving skills with a twist on a traditional board game. In this game players go up and down instead of around! Check out the MindWare Store on Amazon for a ton of fun gifts!

Find it on Amazon here

SmartMax Magnetic Building Pieces


These magnetic building pieces are a great gift for a little one that has a pension for building. With unique ways to put them together and take them apart, this toy has endless opportunities for play!

 Find it on Amazon here

Kanoodle Extreme


This game is a great, compact toy for on-the-go travels for your brainy kid. Your child will increase their problem-solving and spacial awareness with never-ending 3D puzzles. This tiny gift would make a great stocking stuffer!

Check out Kanoodle Jr for your tiny ones!

Find it on Amazon here

Jellyfish Lava Lamp Aquarium


What’s cooler than jellyfish inside of a lamp? A remote that changes the colors!! These lamps are equipped with LED lights and can change to 20 different colors! Coming in at just over $60 this gift is on the high end of the price spectrum, but it is SO cool!

 Find it on Amazon here