Our Story

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement as we launch our inaugural year! We have enjoyed meeting with families and planning for the 2018-2019 school year. We will continue with rolling enrollment until we reach our capacity which is set at 24 students for this school year. We will begin the enrollment process for the 2019-2020 school year in October, and we will be adding a kindergarten (age 5/6) program with very limited spaces. We will also have a full middle school studio, accepting a limited number of students in grades 6-8. If you have questions about the admissions process, please reach out to us.

Many people are curious about our micro-school, so this post is meant to tell our story. Our school was created to meet a need in the community to serve intellectually gifted children who are not able to develop their potential within a traditional school environment. The structure, pace, and content of the curriculum in their current setting are not challenging, accelerated, or engaging enough for them, and it is detrimental to their development. With many of the students we are enrolling, anxiety and boredom toward school and the request by a child to be homeschooled are common. A micro-school environment takes the best things about homeschooling and adds in a collaborative, project-based environment with trained educators to meet students at their individual readiness levels.

At Mid-South Gifted Academy, there are no arbitrary limits to what students can learn. All of our students have personalized learning plans and are provided the opportunity to work and advance at their own pace. In addition, we are a project-based learning environment that focuses on creating and innovating, working on collaborative and individual projects that are highly engaging for gifted learners. We have six core beliefs about children and school, but the first and most important is that every child deserves a joyful learning environment that fosters a sense of belonging, significance, and fun. We also strongly believe that children’s social and emotional well-being are of equal importance to their academic success.

This year we are serving students ages 6-12, and we will grow with our oldest students all the way through high school. We are leasing space from Collierville United Methodist Church while we continue to search for our permanent campus.

Our goal is to be a resource for families of gifted children in the mid-south. We realize that we are limited in the number of students we can directly serve through our private school option, but hope to impact many others through community outreach, homeschool assistance, enrichment programs, and helping with advocacy in public schools.

If you hear of any families that could benefit from a school like ours or would just like a place to plug in for resources for their gifted child, please let them know we are here. Thank you so much for helping us to reach the families in need of this option!

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