Discovery School


Wonder Studio (Ages 3-6)

Wonder Studio is a Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten program that incorporates strategies to foster growth for gifted children in all areas of their development- cognitive, social, emotional and physical. As the foundational studio for MSGA, our multi-age classroom integrates opportunities for leadership, teamwork, citizenship, accountability, and independence. In this multi-sensory learning environment there is an emphasis on literacy, math and science. The curriculum is tailored to suit the unique needs of each inquisitive child, empowering them to explore their interests, persevere through difficulties, cultivate self-confidence, and freely express their thoughts and emotions within a supportive community. In Wonder Studio, students have the chance to engage with challenging materials at advanced levels, enabling gifted young learners to excel and reach their full potential.  

Exploration Studio (Grades 1 & 2) and Discovery Studio (Grades 3 & 4)

Exploration and Discovery Studios are dynamic, multi-age classrooms designed to nurture the love of learning among gifted children within an engaging and joyful academic setting. Our dedicated guides collaborate with students and their families to create personalized learning plans tailored to each child’s unique abilities, strengths, and passions. We prioritize advanced academics, character development, fostering meaningful friendships, and honing goal-setting skills. Students are encouraged to embrace creative challenges, cultivate resilience, and persist in the face of obstacles. Through our holistic approach, students undergo remarkable growth both socially and academically.

MSGA’s Discovery School provides the foundation on which confident, passionate learners and leaders are developed.

gifted students outside school in Collierville, TN  gifted students at  Mid-South Gifted Academy

School of
Innovation & Design


Design Studio (Grades 5 & 6)

In Design Studio, students assume more control over their learning journey. They take on added responsibilities and play a larger role in shaping their personalized learning plans. This involves expanding their choices, refining their voice, and learning to advocate for their individual needs. As students come to view learning as a process they can actively shape, they become more adept at tackling meaningful challenges. This approach enhances their ability to work effectively, manage their time, prioritize tasks, produce high-quality work, and find joy in the journey.



Innovation Studio  (Grades 7 & 8)

In Innovation Studio, students are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to completely step into the driver’s seat of their education. Critical thinking and problem solving become the main areas of focus, and students transition into independent learners. In this environment that supports students’ unique interests and abilities, motivation and achievement accelerate. Social-emotional learning and 21st-century skills are practiced, and our young innovators learn to work independently and collaboratively to complete important projects that impact their community and the world.


high school students at school for gifted learners in Collierville, TN


Adventure Studio (Grades 9-12)

MSGA’s Adventure Studio reinvents the high school experience by offering a personalized, relationship-centered environment where students customize their four-year plan to align with their strengths, goals, and interests. MSGA students are challenged with college preparatory and college level coursework, and they follow their passions through numerous electives and enrichment opportunities. In our small-by-design program, students are partnered with an academic advisor who guides them as they work to achieve personal and academic goals. The MSGA portrait of a graduate describes bold outcomes, and our focus on innovation and design is the key to achieving those outcomes. Our passionate guides give students opportunities to be curious, take risks, and seek solutions to real problems. Adventurers learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and motivate a team to achieve a solution to any problem. Our wellness program gives them tools to effectively prioritize their physical, mental, spiritual, and social/emotional health and provide them with the freedom to develop their potential, discover their purpose, and pursue their future. Student-led clubs are a highlight of our program, as high school students gain leadership skills while having fun with their friends. 

With our core values at the heart of instructional practices, students at MSGA’s School of Innovation and Design are intrinsically involved in reaching their goals and well equipped to embark on their college, career, and life adventures.

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