The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.”

-Joseph Campbell


Wonder Studio

Wonder Studio provides a play and project-based environment that incorporates a workshop model for teaching reading, writing, and math. Curiosity and wonder are nurtured daily, and social-emotional growth is our number one priority. Because of the many benefits of play for this age group, students in Wonder Studio have a minimum of two outside recesses each day in addition to inside free play. With our holistic approach, our wonderers experience significant social-emotional and academic growth.


Design Studio

The Design Studio acts as a bridge between our Wonder Studio and our Discovery Studio. These students engage in reading and writing workshop to cultivate a love for reading and empower them to become young authors. They also participate in a variety of S.T.E.M. projects, learn about the world across cultures, and work daily on increasing their vocabulary. Each student creates their own personal learning goals and evaluates their own progress quarterly. This studio prepares students to transition into higher level thinking and education as they move into the Discovery Studio.


Discovery Studio

Discovery Studio students use curiosity and critical thinking to ignite their learning. In this studio, there is an emphasis on student-directed goal setting. Guides work closely with students and their families to develop personalized learning plans that align with each child’s ability level, strengths, and interests. The major goals in this studio are for children to grow in their love of learning, develop skills that move them toward becoming an independent learner, and have abundant opportunities to take creative risks and feel comfortable with mistakes.


Innovation Studio

MSGA’s Innovation Studio is our version of “middle school.” In this studio, children are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to completely step into the driver’s seat of their education. Critical thinking and problem solving become a main focus, and students transition into independent learners. In this environment that supports students’ unique interests and abilities, motivation and achievement skyrocket. Social-emotional learning and 21st century skills are embedded into daily lessons, and our young innovators learn to work independently and collaboratively to complete important projects that impact their community and the world.


Adventure Studio

MSGA’s Adventure Studio reinvents the high school experience by offering a personalized, relationship-centered environment where 9th-12th grade students customize their four year plan to align with their strengths, goals, and interests. In addition to the basic core subject requirements, MSGA high schoolers follow their passions through numerous electives, apprenticeships, and travel opportunities. Inquiry-based learning, design thinking, and a focus on college level writing are critical components of all high school coursework. Dual enrollment and AP course offerings are available for those students eager to get a head start on their college studies. Students who complete four years in MSGA’s Adventure Studio can expect to be well prepared for their future college and career choices

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