Early Elementary

Wonder Montessori Studio (Ages 3-6)
Exploration Studio (Grades 1-2)

Wonder and Exploration Studios are multi-age, hands-on, collaborative learning communities that foster children’s love of learning by allowing them to nurture their strengths and interests in a joyful and self-directed environment. Using Montessori curriculum and materials in a beautifully prepared environment, Wonder Studio guides capture children’s natural curiosity and allow it to be the motivation for learning. In both studios, there is heavy emphasis on literacy, math, and science, and students are given ownership over their own learning through individual learning goals and freedom to think critically as they make connections to the world around them. Because of the many benefits of play for children in their early elementary years, our Wonderers and Explorers have a minimum of three outside recesses each day. With our holistic approach, our students experience significant social-emotional and academic growth. These studios provide the foundation on which independent, responsible, lifelong leaders and learners are created.

gifted students outside school in Collierville, TN  gifted students at  Mid-South Gifted Academy

Upper Elementary

Discovery Studio (Grades 3-4)
Design Studio (Grades 5-6)

In Discovery and Design Studios, students harness curiosity and critical thinking to ignite their learning, and social emotional development continues to be prioritized. In these studios, there is an emphasis on student-directed goal setting and accelerated work. Guides work closely with students and their families to develop personalized learning plans that align with each child’s abilities, strengths, and interests. Within these multi-age studios, students are able to work up to four grade levels above, allowing them to be challenged and supported as they work to develop their potential. The major goals in these studios are for children to grow in their love of learning, develop skills that move them toward becoming an independent learner, and have abundant opportunities to take creative risks and feel comfortable with mistakes. 

gifted students outside school in Collierville, TN  gifted students at  Mid-South Gifted Academy

Middle School

Innovation Studio (Grades 7-8)

MSGA’s Innovation Studio is our version of “middle school.” In this studio, children are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to completely step into the driver’s seat of their education. Critical thinking and problem solving become a main focus, and students transition into independent learners. In this environment that supports students’ unique interests and abilities, motivation and achievement skyrocket. Students complete advanced course work in core subjects and participate in numerous electives throughout the school year.  Student led clubs are a highlight of our middle school program as students gain leadership skills while having fun with their friends. Communication and project planning skills are embedded into daily lessons, and our young innovators learn to work independently and collaboratively to complete important projects that impact their community and the world.

high school students at school for gifted learners in Collierville, TN

High School

Adventure Studio (Grades 9-12)

MSGA’s Adventure Studio reinvents the high school experience by offering a personalized, relationship-centered environment where 9th-12th grade students customize their four year plan to align with their strengths, goals, and interests. In our small-by-design program, MSGA students are challenged with rigorous coursework and partnered with an academic advisor who guides them on their journey toward the achievement of personal and course goals. Passions and interests are cultivated through numerous electives, independent studies, service learning projects, and travel opportunities. Inquiry-based learning, design thinking, and a focus on college level writing are critical components of all high school coursework. Dual enrollment and AP course offerings are available for those students eager to get a head start on their college studies. Student-led clubs are a highlight of our Upper School as high school students gain leadership skills while having fun with their friends. Students who complete four years in MSGA’s Adventure Studio can expect to be well prepared for their future college and career choices. To view MSGA’s college profile, follow this link.

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